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Welcome to the most comprehensive online website for high school Science Years 7-10 covering the Australian Curriculum. This site is free to all Australian students and teachers and presents science in an engaging, guided inquiry-based approach to lift student interest and understanding.

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More information about Science by Doing

Read below to learn more about the Science by Doing program.

Science by Doing is a comprehensive online science program for Years 7 to 10 available free to all Australian students and teachers and supported by award winning professional learning modules and a research based professional learning approach. The program provides a practical way of implementing the Australian Curriculum: Science. The curriculum units and professional learning modules are found within the website.

The purpose of Science by Doing is to improve science learning by:

The program is funded by the Australian government through the Department of Education and Training.

The history and future of Science by Doing is described in the following outline that shows what has been and what will be done.

Pilot 2007 - 8 Proof of concept of inquiry science learning in high schools
Stage One 2009 - 11

Five professional learning modules

Foundation curriculum unit

Professional learning approach

Stage two 2012 - 13 Eight online curriculum units
Stage Three 2013 - 16

Final eight online curriculum units

Seven online professional learning modules

Implement state based professional learning approach

Stage Four 2016 - 18

Revision of curriculum units with student e-Notebook

Implement Teacher Education approach for universities

There are 16 curriculum units for years 7 to 10 plus an Introduction unit and a unit on open investigations. Science by Doing curriculum units are made of three distinct parts that work together to deliver rich learning experiences.

The three parts making up each curriculum unit are:

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