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Welcome to the most comprehensive online website for high school Science Years 7-10 covering the Australian Curriculum. This site is free to all Australian students and teachers and presents science in an engaging, guided inquiry-based approach to lift student interest and understanding.

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New Professional Learning Module

A new professional learning module Science as a Human Endeavour has been released.

This eagerly awaited module provides new insights into the third strand of the Australian science curriculum with numerous practical examples linked with the Science by Doing curriculum units.

Unlike the previous modules this module is presented in a complete web-based way with text, web clips and interactive items embedded in the module. In time previous modules will be revised and presented in this web-based format.

New curriculum unit format

A new curriculum unit format including a student e-Notebook has been developed by the Science by Doing team.

The new format has a much improved navigation approach. It has been extensively trialled and refined. The feedback from teachers and students has been very positive.

All year 7, 8 and 9 units have now been updated.

To examine the features of the new curriculum format, see the film clip New unit format.

The Year 10 units will be updated mid 2018.

New unit format