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Leading science educator's achievements celebrated

Colleagues, friends and family met at the Australian Academy of Science in June 2018 to celebrate a lifetime of achievements in science education by Professor Denis Goodrum, who has retired.

He served the Academy in various leadership roles over the last 26 years and played a pivotal role in shaping science education and curriculum development in Australia and overseas.

Professor Goodrum was most recently Executive Director of Science by Doing, a comprehensive online science program for Years 7 to 10 funded by the Australian Government and available free to all Australian students and teachers. This ground-breaking program is used by two-thirds of Australian science teachers and many thousands of students, stimulating interest in science and providing teachers with resources and professional learning to teach creatively and effectively while meeting curriculum requirements.

‘I think the resources and the whole Science by Doing program is quite literally the best resource available for interactive and meaningful science teaching. I wanted to thank you and your team for designing everything in this magnificent set of curriculum activities.’ Maths and science teacher, Queensland.

Professor Goodrum started with the Academy in 1992 after many years teaching and researching science education. He led the project that developed the Academy’s curriculum resource Primary Investigations, the forerunner to the current Primary Connections: Linking science with literacy program.

Over the past two decades, in addition to developing primary and high school programs at the Academy, he has led science education research teams and collaborations in the US and Australia, was made Dean of Education at the University of Canberra, and advised the Australian Government on the future of science education.

New curriculum unit format

Each of the 16 curriculum units is now in the revised format with a much improved navigation approach and incorporated student e-Notebook.

This new format has been extensively trialed and refined and the feedback from teachers and students has been very positive.

To examine the features of the new curriculum format, see the film clip New unit format.

New unit format

Independent Evaluation of Science by Doing Stage 4

Professor Peter Aubusson and his research team from the University of Technology Sydney have completed an extensive evaluation of Science by Doing Stage 4.

According to the evidence gathered from teachers and students the Science by Doing program has had a very positive impact on teaching and learning. Students said they enjoyed learning science using the Science by Doing resources.

A summary of the evaluation report is found here – UTS Evaluation Summary.

If you wish to download the full report click on UTS Evaluation Report 2018.

New Professional Learning Module

A new professional learning module Science as a Human Endeavour has been released.

This eagerly awaited module provides new insights into the third strand of the Australian science curriculum with numerous practical examples linked with the Science by Doing curriculum units.

Unlike the previous modules this module is presented in a complete web-based way with text, web clips and interactive items embedded in the module. In time previous modules will be revised and presented in this web-based format.