Bringing science to life

Freely accessible professional learning and resources for Years 7 to 10 from the Australian Academy of Science.

Australian Curriculum aligned
Developed with educators
Connected to real world science

About the program

Science by Doing acknowledges the important role of educators in developing the confidence of students to engage with the world through science. This guides and informs our collaborative approach to the development of curriculum materials, professional learning, and support.

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“The work of science teachers is crucially important to our young people and to the future of the nation. It’s no secret that science and maths, engineering and digital skills are in short supply and in high demand. We need to encourage more young people to take this path. Teachers are so often the source of that early spark of excitement about discovery that inspires young people to pursue a scientific career and turn their minds to the process of discovery. I know how important teachers were to me when I was growing up; without their encouragement my path would have been very different. Of course, the best way to get hooked on science is to get experimenting in the lab and the more of this we can do in our schools, the better. To that end, I have no doubt this website will be a really valuable resource.”

Dr Cathy Foley, Australia’s Chief Scientist